Is it Time to Upgrade my Flute

If you are thinking about a step-up flute for you or your student, you likely have many questions.

It is very common to be excited for your new instrument, but confusing as to where to start. When do we need to purchase a step-up?  How do we go about doing that?  Why do we need an upgrade?  It can be overwhelming and stressful.  That is why TheFluteFinder is the perfect option for you!

Purchasing your new flute through TheFluteFinder allows you the opportunity to try several flutes at a time within your budget, allowing you to choose the perfect one.  Unlike the big Instrument Stores, our Concierge- style business offers you all the individual, personalized support you will need.

Why should I consider purchasing a better-quality flute for my student?

As your student becomes more experienced it can be frustrating to have the ability to play at a higher level on an instrument that is not capable of supporting that level of play.  Many students end up feeling “stuck” as if they have gone as far as they can on their current flute.  It can cause them to become discouraged and even stop playing!  It may not be their ability as much as it is their current instrument.  Let’s talk a little about some of the options you have to help your student overcome that frustration and improve their overall experience.

What are some of the advantages to purchasing a step-up flute?

As your student moves into the next level flute, it will likely have more silver content, which offers a better sound quality.  The springs will likely be better quality and allow a quicker finger, or key action, which helps as playing ability increases.  Moving from a “c” foot to a “b” foot will offer the player more diversity in their playing as well as a nicer sound quality.  There are Handmade and Hand finished models, different amounts of silver content, stainless or silver springs and more.  This is why it is so important to work with someone who understands these things and can help you find the right flute within your budget.  We are all about customer service and educating you on all the important points.

Do I need a split-e mechanism?

A good mechanism will greatly benefit your student.  A split-e mechanism allows the player to play the third octave E note more easily and in tune, which is usually quite sharp and can be hard to hit. However, it does add an extra rod to the flute and a little more weight.  A g donut or High E facilitator can be added to your flute by a good flute technical for around $50, and will do about the same thing.  We can help you figure out which is best for your player.

Should I get an Inline G or Offset G Key flute?

Each player may have a personal preference as to which key configuration they prefer. The inline g flute has all the keys in a straight line whereas the offset g allows the g keys to be lower and easier to reach for smaller hands.  This is a good option to discuss with a flute teacher, and we at TheFluteFinder can help you figure out which would work best for you.

What about C# trill? D# roller? Do I need those keys?

The C# trill key is an optional mechanism that allows the player to utilize alternate fingering when playing certain trills.  The C# trill mechanism includes an extra tone hole and key arm situated next to the thumb key that is operated by the trill lever.  Many flute players have chosen to opt for the C# trill and prefer it over those that do not offer the option.  It does, however, make the flute a little heavier which may not be good for younger player.

The D# roller is an extra feature on the foot joint that allows the player to roll their pinky over quickly when playing the low notes.  These are typically available on higher level flutes as an option.

Can’t I just buy a cheaper flute that I saw online?  Ebay has some good prices and Amazon has some new flutes for less? 

Some of the biggest mistake’s parents make is to purchase a new flute online either through Amazon, Ebay or local listings.  A very general warning to avoid these types of situations is needed.  Most music stores and repair shops will refuse to work on these type instruments when they have issues because they are so poorly made.  They look good, but are “disposable” instruments.  The keys will break off easily and they are not going to work well for long.  Buying a good brand off eBay may sound like a good deal, but if even an intermediate flute requires a new pad job, that can cost $750 and up.  Often times that is why those flutes are being sold there to begin with. A good quality flute will pay off in the long run in longevity, better resell, and better mechanics for the player.

When you purchase a pre-owned instrument from TheFluteFinder, you will never have to worry about expensive repairs as all our instruments are guaranteed to be in great working condition and have already had expensive servicing completed prior to being sold!

Our new instruments come with a Factory Warranty and will typically cost less than if purchased elsewhere.  There is never any risk in purchasing a flute from us!

We will be here after the sale to answer future questions as well. 

We Value your business and love working one-on-one with you and your student!

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