Altus A1107 Solid Britannia Silver Flute Offset G C# Trill High E Facilitator, Overhauled with New Straubinger Pads


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Altus A1107 Solid Britannia Silver Flute-Offset G C# Trill key High E Facilitator-With Warranty!


This is a wonderful flute in fantastic condition. 

This is a Young Professional level flute that is in 9/10 condition.

It has a Handcut .958 Britannia Silver headjoint and body tubing. The Britannia silver offers a slightly warmer, but at the same time brilliant sound quality. Very nice balance.

Silver plated mechanism, offset g, C# Trill key, High E Facilitator or G Donut added, gizmo key and pointed key arms.

It has the Altus-Bennett Scale.


Just professionally disassembled, adjusted and cleaned, polished with new Headcork, new trill pads, and trill cork. Freshly Overhauled with new Straubinger pads.  

Comes with a 1-year warranty!

No Risk Purchase.


New this flute is $7,090. This flute is $2,102 less and no tax charged outside Texas!


Free Teacher Shipping-plus referral bonus.

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