Brannen .925 Silver Handcut Headjoint, 14k Rose Gold, Riser, MIN, Warranty!


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This is a headjoint that Will bring the tone of gold in a price you can own.

Do you want your flute to produce a vivid, colorful and focused sound quality that speaks clearly throughout a concert hall?

You can get that with this beautiful, hand-made Brannen Headjoint. Previously played in a professional eastern symphony orchestra by its owner, who retired after a successful career.

It is hand crafted of Sterling Silver with a 14k Gold Riser. You get the best of both worlds with the smooth, pure silver sound, crisp articulation and the warmth that the Gold Riser offers you.

  • Hand-cut Embouchure
  • Modern Style Cut
  • .925 Silver tube/lip
  • 14k Riser
  • Cut By Elizabeth Watson
  • Comes in new Cherrywood Case

The Modern Style Headjoint Cut is projecting and responsive; it’s Brannen’s interpretation of Albert Cooper’s popular design, and it has the flexibility to cover a wide range of tone colors.

Just professionally cleaned and polished with new Headcork installed.

If purchased I offer free professional fitting!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.


It is in pristine condition and comes with a 1 year Warranty!

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