Dean Yang Heavywall Sterling Silver Flute-Offset G Split E Mechanism


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If you’ve never tried a Dean Yang Flute, you should consider it. A small boutique flute maker that had hand finished flutes with attention to detail. 


This one is the Emerald model. Handcut Yang solid sterling silver Headjoint, sterling silver tubing, silver plated keys and mechanism, offset g, split e mechanism, b foot, gizmo key and Heavywall tubing. 


The flute is 6 years old and in great condition. It had just been professionally adjusted and cleaned with new headcork installed. 

The tonal quality on this flute is expressive and projecting. The Heavywall tubing allows more uninterrupted airflow. 

This is a great step up especially at this price point. New this flute is $2,321


Sanitized prior to shipping. 

Ships worldwide. 


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