DiMedici 1311 Solid Silver, Engraved Keys, Offset G, Warranty!


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This is a rare opportunity to purchase a fully loaded mint condition DiMedici 1311 Flute by Altus for Jupiter. This line has been discontinued but is always one of mine and my clients favorite flutes in its class.

D4 Headjoint Cut:

The diMedici D4 has been designed with a deeper undercut with the tube tapered to a slightly smaller crown. The .925 Sterling Silver D4 provides a more powerful tone and volume, particularly in the high register yet maintains excellent stability and uniformity. Valued at $799 when ordered separately, the D4 is capable of producing the modern tonality preferred for certain contemporary compositions.


  • Sterling Silver Handcut D4 Headjoint
  • Sterling Silver body and footjoint
  • Silver plated mechanism
  • Engraved keys
  • Pointed key arms
  • Open hole
  • Offset G
  • Drawn Tone holes

This flute has been professionally adjusted and cleaned with new headcork installed.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

No Sales Tax charged outside Texas.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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