SOLD – Eppler All Silver Handmade Flute In-line G C# Trill


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This is an opportunity to own a hard to find, artisan made Alexander Eppler Flute.

It is all handmade with a super smooth silver mechanism. A joy to play!

From Eppler:

Our instruments combine all the features and specifications favored by a majority of our clients who play in symphony orchestras, teach and perform professionally.

Our special silencing and exclusive hand-finishing make Eppler flutes feel and play like other flutes costing more than twice as much.

Silver C flutes have the following in common:

Solid silver tubes.

Solid silver mechanism.

French, pointed key cup arms.

B footjoint with high C facilitator key (gizmo).

C# trill key (very useful for over 16 trills and tremolos).

No adjusting screws.

Gold springs.

StraubingerTM pads.

Modern, professional style hand-cut embouchure.

Offset G-A or in-line open hole (French) mechanism as directed by customer.

Modern A=442 scale (correcting tuning problems most flutes have, i.e. a flat low octave and a sharp high one).

This flute is priced well below retail, has been professionally serviced including new headcork.

It comes with a 1 year warranty!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

No interest financing available as well.

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