Geoghegan Garner Niobium Headjoint, Sterling Silver Power bands, Like new!, Warranty!


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If you have never tired a Geoghegan Weighted Headjoint with Power bands, you need to. The projection these give is amazing. Made to enhance the color, intonation, articulation, and dynamics of flutes made of traditional metals like silver and gold.

Geoghegan Company has patented a method of assembly that makes the use of metals like niobium possible in headjoint production. Niobium, because of its high density and hardness, offers the flutist many more tone colors and a greater variance in volume.

Transform your flute!

Provides a full range of tone colors and dynamics without the darkness or extreme edge that the Tantalum can produce. The Niobium is quick, light, and responsive. It is Tantalum’s athletic brother, lighter in weight and a little easier to handle. The tube is made of niobium. The lip plate, wall, crown, and Power Bands are made of solid sterling silver.

Weighted Crown:

It takes a minute to get used to the weight of the headjoint due to its weighted crown. Construction of the extra weight in the assembly and crown creates a hard dense surface that reflects all of the sound back out the open end of the flute, greatly reducing absorption or loss of sound in the crown.

Power Bands:

Power Bands- Power Bands are used to secure the wall to the tube without using soldering methods.  Since the high heat required for soldering softens the tube, the Power Bands allow the tube to remain very hard, effectively improving the resonance and the spectrum of sound that is produced.  The Power Bands also apply pressure to the tube around the embouchure allowing for cleaner tonguing and jumping of octaves.

For trial it will come with copper tape for fitting purposes.

New this headjoint is $4,800. A savings of $812.

No sales tax is charged outside Texas.

This headjoint was cleaned and is in new condition. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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