Hammig Grenadilla 650/3 Wood Piccolo, Silver Plated Mechanism, G# Mechanism, Split E-Straubinger Pads, Or choose your Headjoint, New, Never Owned, Warranty!


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This Piccolo is amazing and so easy to play!

It has a modified wave headjoint available or for $,4695 you can choose the Hammig cut Headjoint.


Modified Wave:

Affords a great amount of stability and control with an extremely focused rich sound. A very gratifying response and wide dynamic range are characteristic qualities.


Hammig Cut:

Provides a dark, sweet sound with depth and projection throughout all registers. This style offers a comfortable amount of resistance and is very colorful and powerful.


High G# Mechanism:

The high G# mechanism eliminates the necessity of employing an alternate fingering when playing the high G#. This innovative mechanism adjusts the venting height of both thumb keys when the G# lever is pressed, increasing the clarity and stability of high G#.


This one has Straubinger pads, Silver plated mechanism, Split E Mechabism, G# Mechanism.


Comes with a 1-year warranty!

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