Haynes Q3 All Silver Flute, Offset G C# Trill D# Roller, 1 Year Warranty!


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This is an opportunity to own an amazing Wm. S. Haynes All-Silver Flute and up your performance game.



– Haynes Classic Flute Model Q3 New

– Sterling silver hand-cut Haynes Classic headjoint with silver riser

– Sterling silver body and mechanism

– Haynes pinless left-hand mechanism

– Drawn tone holes

– French (open hole) model

– Pointed key arms

– Gold springs

– Modern Haynes scale

– Pisoni S2 pads

– (.016″) tubing

– B footjoint

– C# Trill key

– D# Roller

– Handmade at the Haynes Beijing Workshop. Handfinished in USA.


It plays beautifully and has a more robust and projecting tonal quality than many others.


It has just been professionally adjusted and cleaned with new headcork installed.

New this flute is $8,510. A savings of $2,022!


No tax charged outside Texas. 

Comes with a 1 year warranty.

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