Lamberson Handmade Custom All-Silver Flute, In-line G, C# Trill, Gold Overlay Lip, Soldered Tone Holes, Warranty!


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This is a rare opportunity to own a hard to find all hand-made Lamberson Flute.



– Sterling Silver Handcut Headjoint

– Sterling Silver Tubing

– Sterling Silver Mechanism

– Soldered Tone Holes

– Gold Overlay Lipplate

– Straubinger Pads(new)

– In-line G

– B foot

– C# Trill Key

– Open Hole

– Pointed Key Arms

– Original Wood Case

– Original Leather Case Cover

– Handmade in 1983

– Tunes to A=442


This flute is a pleasure to play. It had a super smooth mechanism and sweet clear sound.


It has just been professionally serviced including new headcork and new Straubinger pads.


Replacement Value is over 12,000 with documentation included with sale.


Comes with a 1-year warranty. 

No sales tax charged outside Texas. 

Easy trial with return label sent If needed. 

Financing available and credit cards accepted.

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