Lillian Burkart Flute Headjoint, .925 lip Silver With Platinum Riser, Cherrywood Case


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This is an amazing Lillian Burkart Hand-cut .925 Silver Headjoint with Platinum Riser, M2 cut, 5/8 ounce silver heavier Crown.

M2 – This unique cut is Lillian Burkart’s most innovative. The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. The embouchure shape focuses the tone, resulting in a clear, clean and very directed flute sound. All three octaves have a ringing resonance and a dark core. The M2 model provides an unprecedented dynamic range and powerful low register.


It will take your performance to the next level with a beautiful, focused, colorful sound and the platinum which adds a warm edge and slight resistance allowing the player to get even more nuanced tonal quality.


It was just cleaned and comes with a 1-year Warranty!


Comes in a lovely new cherrywood case as well.


Most flute technicians can fit it to an existing flute.

For trial it will come with some copper tape to temporarily fit it to your flute of it is smaller than the flute tube.


New this headjoint sells for $4,460 (The platinum riser adds an extra $2,160 to the price new)


A savings of $2,172!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

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