Lillian Burkart Professional model Flute, All .925 Silver, M2 Cut with 14k Riser, Offset G, C# Trill, D# Roller, Just Overhauled by Panella, TFF-Warranty!


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This is a hard to come by Burkart Professional Model Flute in incredible condition and just overhauled by Luke Panella and tweeked by my repairman so in near new condition!


  • Sterling silver hand-cut headjoint with silver lip plate
  • -14k Gold Riser
  • -Sterling silver body and mechanism
  • Drawn tone holes, silver rings, ribs, and posts
  • -C# Trill -D# Roller
  • French (open hole) model
  • Pointed key arms
  • White gold springs
  • (.016″) tubing
  • A=442
  • Made in 2014
  • B footjoint with gizmo
  • Handmade in USA

M2 Cut Headjoint:

The M2 Cut is Lillian Burkart’s most innovative. The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. The embouchure shape focuses the tone, resulting in an energetic and direct sound. This style provides a distinctive resonating core throughout all three registers of the flute. The M2 model produces a robust tone and an unprecedented dynamic range.

The 14k gold riser adds a real richness and brilliance to the sound quality.

You will not be disappointed in this flute both cosmetically and mechanically. It will allow any player to reach their highest potential.

New this flute with its upgrades is $14,355. A savings of $1,467!

Comes with a 1 year The Flute Finder Warranty.

Easy trial with return label if needed.

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