Mancke Handmade Sterling Silver Flute Headjont With 14k Gold Lipplate And 18k Riser, MINT!, Warranty


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This is an amazing condition Mancke Flute Headjoint made by Tobias Mancke in Germany.


It has a Sterling Silver tube and crown with solid 14k Gold Lipplate and 18k Riser.

The combination provides the characteristic warmth of gold, higher yet comfortable resistance, depth and complexity to the head joint’s overall sound.


This Headjoint will transform your current flute and change your performance for the better.


It will come to you on trial with Copper tape to temporarily allow it to be fitted to your flute if it is slightly smaller.


I offer free professional fitting and return shipping to you if you chose to purchase.


It has been polished with new headcork installed.


Comes with a 1 year warranty! 

New this headjoint is $5,845. A savings of $847!. 

Easy trial with return label if needed.

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