Miyazawa 202 Flute- Never owned- Offset g b Foot Split E Mechanism


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Miyazawa 202 Flute – Never owned-In Box. 


Silver Headjoint, silver plated body and mechanism, offset g, b foot, split E Mechanism, pointed key arms, partial Brögger mechanism and Straubinger pads. 

Comes with new cleaning cloths, plugs and Miyazawa Wood Cleaning Rod. 


Comes in lovely Miyazawa wood case and outer bag. 


MZ10 Headjoint- MZ-10: Allows the player to put a large volume of air through the flute, achieving a rich and powerful sound. Characterized by plenty of lower partials anchoring the sound with a full harmonic spectrum.  Flexible and responsive with a wide range of tonal and color possibilities. 


This is a lovely flute that is priced far under new pricing. It’s a great opportunity to invest in your performance!


New this flute is $5,095.


Sanitized prior to shipping.  

Easy Trial/Easy Return.

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