Miyazawa Classic Vision Flute All .958 Silver Alloy Brogger Mechanism C and D Rollers Heavywall M2 HJ Cut Warranty


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I don’t see these flutes come up for sale very often. This Miyazawa Classic Vision is lovely. The .958 Silver Alloy offers a warmer sound than sterling and the thicker Heavywall darkens it further.Sometimes Miyazawa sound can be a bit brighter than others but not this one.


  • Britannia (.958) silver hand-cut MX-2 headjoint with Brittania (.958) silver body
  • Sterling silver mechanism
  • Brögger mechanism
  • Drawn tone holes
  • French model (open hole keys)
  • Pointed key arms
  • 0.018″, 0.45mm tubing thickness
  • A=442
  • In-line G
  • C# and D# rollers
  • B footjoint
  • Made in 2010
  • Handmade in Japan


958 Alloy:

958 Silver is a unique silver alloy that consists of 95.8% pure silver. The increased density from sterling silver results in a darker sound with a remarkable array of tonal colors. Miyazawa 958 silver deepens the resonance in the sound without increasing the thickness of the wall. However heavy-wall tubing (.018″) provides an even darker sound.

M2 Headjoint Cut:

MX-2: A free and comfortable feeling with a wide range of harmonics. The sound is complex with immense tonal color variety. Articulation is crisp and clean. Able to accommodate a high volume of air, this style provides expansive projection with great pitch control.

What does Brögger offer?

Designed by famed flute maker Johan Brögger, the Brögger System™ features an innovative pin-less mechanism allowing precise adjustments and balance of the spring tension of each individual key, resulting in a more even, effortless feel for the flutist. It is the most advanced and stable mechanism design available.

Ergonomically designed for a natural fit in the flutist’s hand, the Brögger Thumb Key Mechanism™ reduces hand fatigue. The relocated thumb-key post enables smoother, more secure playing. Traditional thumb key mechanisms require flat springs which contact the body tubing of the flute causing friction and wear. The innovative Brögger Thumb Key Mechanism™ uses the same springs used on the mainline keys, significantly reducing wear.

Servicing: Just professionally adjusted, cleaned and oiled with new headcork installed. It is in excellent playing and cosmetic condition and comes with a 1 year warranty!

New this flute with its upgrades is $11,895. A savings of $2,907!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

Financing available.

Easy Trial available with return label sent if needed.

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