Miyazawa Elite, .958 Britannia Silver Elite, MZ-7 Sterling Silver Headjoint, Offset G, C# Trill, D# Roller, Freshly Overhauled, Straubinger Pads, Warranty!


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An amazing flute owned by a well known and respected performer and instructor. 

It has been very well cared for and was just overhauled with Straubinger pads, cleaned and adjusted with new felts and headcork installed.


Flute Specs: 

– Brittania silver body

– Sterling silver mechanism

– Full Brögger mechanism

– Soldered tone holes

– French (open hole) model

– Pointed key arms

– Gold springs

– Straubinger pads

– Regular wall tubing

– A=442

– Offset G

– D# roller/C# roller

– C# Trill Key

– B footjoint

– Handmade in Japan

– Miyazawa Outer Cavallaro Case Cover

– Wooden Miyazawa Case

– Miyazawa MZ-7 Headjoint


MZ-7 Headjoint: 

Modern style headjoint with a generous amount of spin. Consistent tone and response throughout the registers. Designed for flutists with a very fast airstream seeking a powerful sound with a large, controlled dynamic range.


This flute has loads of tonal color and projection available to it. The mechanism is buttery smooth and spring tension can be adjusted to your liking.


It is in amazing condition with no blemishes or tarnish.


Retail on the flute is $15,645. A savings to the buyer of $1,657!


No sales tax charged outside Texas. 

Financing available. 

Comes with a 1-year warranty!

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