Miyazawa MZ-7 Sterling Silver Headjoint, 14k Gold Riser, Warranty!


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This is a good Headjoint to consider if you are wanting to improve your current flute.


It is a hand-cut Miyazawa MZ-7 cut Headjoint owned by one person and fit to one flute.


It can likely be fitted to most flutes. Let me know what flute you are wanting to fit it to and I can likely determine that.


It will come on trial to you with a piece of copper tape for temporary fitting to your flute.

A good flute technician can likely fit it to your flute or you can send your flute to me after purchase and I can have it professionally fit and sent back to you for free.


MZ-7 cut: 

MZ-7 – Modern style headjoint with a generous amount of spin. Consistent tone and response throughout the registers. Designed for flutists with a very fast airstream seeking a powerful sound with a large, controlled dynamic range.


Metals and Risers: 

14k Gold – 14k rose gold has a density greater than all of the metals described above. Rich overtones, a wondrous dynamic range, endless tonal variety – peerless qualities that put it in a class by itself.


This headjoint has been professionally cleaned and polished with new headcork installed. 

Comes in a new slimline headjoint wood case. 

New this headjoint is $2,700. A savings of $812! 

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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