Muramatsu DS All Silver Flute, Offset G, C# Trill, Split E Mechanism, D# Roller, Heavywall, Tsubasa Headjoint, Warranty!


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If you are looking for a professional level flute with lots of robust velvety sound available and tons of projection, here it is! 

This DS model has a thicker .018 wall making it perfect for those with more air who want to be able to be heard above the crowd. The thicker wall allows for more airflow to be used without overblowing the note. 

The Tsubasa “Adler style” ridge on the lip-plate helps to further focus the airflow making it even easier to get the projection out of this flute.



– Sterling Silver Handcut Headjoint-Tsubasa Cut

– Sterling Silver body

– Sterling Silver mechanism

– Offset G

– B foot

– C# Trill Key

– Split E Mechanism

– Open Hole

– D# Roller

– Engraved D# key

– .018” Wall

– Gizmo Key

– Pointed key arms

– Made in Japan. Imported by -Muramatsu America


Just Professionally serviced including clean, adjust, disassemble, hand polish, new headcork installed. 

New this flute is $12,550 with the upgrades. A savings of $2,562! 

Comes with a 1-year warranty. 

No sales tax charged outside Texas. 

Financing Available and Credit Cards Accepted. 

Financing options include 1-year no interest. 

Easy Trials with Return Label sent if needed.

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