Muramatsu Platinum PTP Flute-Solid Silver/offset g/C# trill D# roller/Tsubasa headjoint NEW


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These fine instruments are favorites of performers who want a flute that is a step above. Platinum clad flutes feature the dependable Muramatsu key mechanism, and are made with a unique plating process of platinum over solid silver. This generous coating of one of the most precious and durable of metals – platinum – creates an extraordinary quality of sound.

•Solid Silver Headjoint, body, mechanism 

•Platinum Clad

•Tsubasa Headjoint 

•C# trill key

•D# roller

•Engraced D# key

•Open Hole

•B foot 

Purchase includes the flute, professional case and case cover. Flutes sold by Muramatsu America, or an authorized dealer, come with a certificate of authenticity. A lifetime warranty is offered on all structural components. All Muramatsu Flutes made for Muramatsu America are stamped MA on the ribbing, assuring our customers that their flute was made in Japan for Muramatsu America and legally imported. All prices subject to change.

Muramatsu Warranty Information

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