SOLD – Nagahara Handmade .950 Silver Headjoint Tubing Sterling Lip/Riser, Komani Cut


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Enjoy a Like New Full Concert Model Flute Headjoint, 0.15” wall. Made in 2021.

.950 (95% Silver) offers a slightly darker, richer tonal quality.

Konami Cut-  A hand hammered wave on the lipplate lightly raising the sides of the riser enabling a more focused and direct sound. Great for those who seek a clear and focused tone instantly with little effort.

This headjoint is a wonderful way to upgrade your current flute. A good flute technician can fit most headjoints to the flute.

For trial it will come with some copper tape strips to help make a temporary fit if the headjoint is too small.

If new this headjoint would be $1,970. A savings of $489!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

Complimentary headjoint fitting offered if purchased.

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