New Lafin by Brannen Flute Headjoint 14k Riser and Adler Wings


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This is a brand new Lafin Headjoint that has never been used or sized.

It is Sterling Silver with 14k Rose Gold Riser and Adler Wings.


This headjoint produces bright, big sound with power suitable for orchestral players. The response is 100% immediate, no delay. The sound is crisp and clean.


This Lafin flute headjoint has a tube and lip-plate made of sterling silver (.925), with a 14k gold adler inlay in the lipplate. The riser is also made of 14k gold, which gives the headjoint a rich and warm sound. The “adler” inlay are small wings in the lip plate that come to the benefit of the low frequencies. The result is a head joint with a robustness and richness which has to be heard to be believed.


In perfect condition. 

New it retails for $3,750, a savings of $975! 

Financing Available. 

It can be trialed but cannot be fitted until it is purchased. A good technician can fit it to most flutes. It will upgrade any flute it is added to.

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