Powell Conservatory Flute in 9k Aurumite, Sterling Mechanism, Solid 9k Gold Lip, Straubinger Pads, Offset G, C# Trill Key, Freshly Overhauled! Warranty!


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Powell Conservatory Aurumite Flute, lovingly owned and maintained by a professional musician.

It is in 9/10 condition and plays flawlessly.


– 9K Aurumite (9K gold exterior fused to a silver interior) hand-cut headjoint

– 9K gold lip plate

– Boston Cut Embouchure

– Silver riser and crown

– 9K Aurumite body

– Sterling silver mechanism

– Drawn tone holes

– Silver rings, ribs, and posts

– French (open hole) model

– Pointed key arms

– 10K white gold springs

– Straubinger pads

– .016″ tubing

– Offset G -C# Trill Key

– Posi-Stops

– B foot

– A=442

– Modern Powell scale

– Handmade in USA

– Made 2008

– Comes with Sterling Silver Plugs

The Headjoint Cut is Boston style which has an undercut embouchure hole allowing for a more free blowing and projecting sound.

What are Posi-Stops:

In order to maximize the response of the flute, none of the key tails rest on the flute tube. Instead, their movement is halted by nearby invisible Posi-Stops, which look like small spring posts set on the ribs of the flute.

It has just been professionally serviced including new headcork, cleaned, adjusted, and hand-polished.

Comes with a 1-year Warranty!

No Sales Tax charged outside Texas.

New this flute is $16,042 with upgrades, a savings of $5,054!

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