Powell Handmade Custom All Silver Flute, Heavywall, C# Trill, Offset G, D# Roller, Upgraded Rose Gold/Cabochon Stone Crown, Warranty!


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Powell Handmade Custom All Silver Flute. Heavywall, C# Trill, Offset G, D# Roller, Upgraded Rose Gold/Cabochon Stone Crown, Warranty!

This is an amazing flute owned and played by a performance professional. Well maintained, recently overhauled with Straubinger pads, and in incredible condition.

It has an upgraded Chris McKenna Crown made of Rosegold with Sodalite Cabochon and is weighted to add to the depth of sound character.


  • (.925) sterling silver hand-cut headjoint
  • Upgraded rose gold/Sodalite Cabochon Stone crown
  • Sterling silver body and mechanism
  • Soldered tone holes, rings, ribs, and posts
  • French (open hole) model
  • Pointed key arms
  • Heavywall 0.18mm
  • White gold springs
  • Straubinger pads
  • Modern Powell scale
  • B footjoint
  • Offset G
  • C# Trill key
  • D# Roller
  • Tunes to A=442
  • Made November 2002
  • Made in the USA

Financing available. 1-year no interest or longer terms.

Just professionally adjusted and Overhauled with Straubinger pads, cleaned, adjusted and oiled with new Headcork installed and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Any adjustment you would like in spring tension can be done no cost to you post purchase.

Crown discussion:

In addition to the aesthetic value of gemstones, there is an added benefit of a color change in the sound. This is not as unusual as it seems.

All players are aware that a gold flute sounds different than a silver one. Each material has a different density and so vibrates at a different rate. It is this difference in vibration rate that changes the quality of sound. With gemstones, there is a subtle but evident change.


Highest energy conductor. It is very healing and energizing. Sometimes used to open the third eye. Excellent for leaders and teachers. Edgar Cayce said that gold rebuilds the nervous system. It is a great balancer of the heart chakra and this is why gold has always been the great alchemical link with man. Gold is said to symbolize the universal spirit in its perfect purity.

Sodalite (C):

The name of the stone refers to its sodium content. Sodalite share many of the properties of Lapis Lazuli as it is a component thereof. It is commonly mistaken for Lapis because of its similar appearance. This rich blue gemstone very rarely includes pyrite inclusions and it has large amounts of sodium from whence it draws its name. Said to help open the third eye and be useful in intuitive work. Sodalite stimulates the body’s metabolism and helps release subconscious fears and guilt. Courage and endurance are stimulated.

New this flute is $18,475 and the upgraded crown adds an additional $1,400 value for a total of $19,875.

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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