SOLD – Song .995 Silver Flute Headjoint, Engraved Lipplate, Ruby Crown, Warranty!


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The addition of this incredible Song Headjoint would be a wonderful way to upgrade your current flute.

It has been owned and played by a renowned Flute Professor and Performer.

The Song Headjoint offers a more dynamic and focused tone. The more you play it, the more expressive it seems to become.

The .995 purity of silver really rings when played.

Besides sounding amazing it is gorgeous to look at. A real statement piece.


  • .995 Britannia Silver tubing and lipplate
  • Completely Handmade
  • Sterling Song Crown with Ruby Stone
  • Custom Engraved Lipplate
  • It has been professionally cleaned and polished with new headcork installed
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty!
  • The Song Headjoint retail is $3,409. A savings of $1,221!
  • For trial it will come with copper tape for temporary sizing if needed
  • If purchased it can be sized to fit most flutes. I offer free sizing service
  • No sales tax charged outside Texas
  • Financing options available
  • Easy trial with return label sent if needed
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