Wm. S Haynes Handmade Grenadilla Piccolo, Sterling Silver Mechanism, Refurbished & Warranty!


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What an amazing piccolo this is! It is in pristine condition and was completely overhauled in 2021 and played only 10 hours since, and was just professionally serviced with new headcork installed this week.

Owned by a serious musician who has cared for it diligently.


Crafted of Aged African Grenadilla both headjoint and body, Sterling Silver keys and mechanism.

Made in 2004 and tubes to A=442


Comes in a slimline Haynes case and has an outer neoprene cover.


You will love the sweetness and focused tonal quality of this one.


Comes with a 1-year warranty! 

No Sales Tax charged outside Texas. 

Financing available and credit cards accepted. 

Easy Trial with return label sent if needed.

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