Yamaha YFL-684H Solid Silver Flute, In-line G, B foot, Warranty!


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If you are looking for a good solid silver step-up flute, this is an excellent one to consider. This Yamaha 684 has been renamed a 687 currently and sells for over $4,500.


  • Sterling Silver EC Hand-cut Headjoint
  • Sterling Silver body and footjoint
  • Open hole
  • In-line G
  • B foot
  • Pointed key arms
  • Gizmo key

The EC cut headjoint is one of the more free blowing of their Hand-cut headjoints and with enough air is capable of a lot of projection.

This flute was owned by a performer as a backup flute with very little use and had regular maintenance.

Just professionally disassembled, adjusted and cleaned, with new headcork installed.

Comes with a 1-year warranty!

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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