Wm. S. Haynes Handmade Flute, All Sterling Silver with Solid 14k Gold Lipplate, C# Trill, Warranty!


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This flute is a gorgeous piece of “golden era” Haynes History, made in December 1965.



-Sterling Silver Handcut Haynes Headjoint

-Sterling Silver tube and mechanism

-14k Solid Gold Lip/Riser

-C# Trill key

-B foot

-In-line g

-Open Hole

-French Keys

-Soldered Toneholes

-Tunes to A=440

-.016” wall


This flute has been owned for many years by the same person who has taken very good care of it.

It plays beautifully with the crisp, articulate sound Haynes is known for. The Gold lip adds some warmth and color to the tone as well.


In exceptional pre-owned condition. It has been Professionally Serviced including new headcork.

Comes with a 1-year Warranty!


New this flute would be valued at $17,488. A savings of $5,500! 

No Sales tax charged outside Texas. 

Ask about no interest financing.

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