Instrument Trials

The FluteFinder Offers 5-Day Flute Trials!

The FluteFinder agrees to send a Flute on trial for 5 days under the following conditions;

  1. No PO boxes please. We cannot ship to them.

2. Shipping Fees –

  • Flutes – $35 for the 1st flute, $15 for additional flutes up to 4 or combined value of $20,000.
  • Piccolos – $35 for 1st piccolo. $10 for additional piccolos up to 4 or combined value of $20,000.
  • Low Flutes – $40 for 1st flute, $20 for additional flutes or combined value of $20,000.
  • Trials available only in the U.S.. If purchasing outside of U.S., item must be purchased first and may be returned for full purchase price after a trial minus shipping fees. This is an insurance requirement. Contact me for International Shipping Fees.
  • For insurance purposes, fill out the credit card info. The only charges placed on the card will be for a shipping fee unless the instrument isn’t returned after the 5 day trial period. Then the card will be charged $25 a day fee unless arrangements are made with us for an extension. If not returned after 10 days the card will be charged for the purchase of the item(s) unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Complete the Trial Form (this page) and click SUBMIT to send the form information to me.
  • After the trial period has ended, please advise me if you wish to purchase an instrument. If so, an invoice will be sent to you in which payment can be made.
  • If you wish to return the items on trial let me know and I will send a return mailing label to your email – Simply print it, drop off the box at any UPS store or mailing store and get a receipt for proof it was dropped off.
  • I will charge the card on file the same amount for the return label as was charged for the original shipment.
  • If you are a Flute Teacher please CLICK HERE to get the teacher free shipping online option.

2. A. Instruments up to $5000 pricing – $35 for 1st Instrument, An additional $10 for up to 4 instruments for $45 total each way. These are sent Ground shipping.

 B.  Instruments over $5,000 pricing – $65 for 1st instrument, an additional $10 for up to 4 instruments for $65 total each way not to exceed $25,000 per box. These are sent next day air.

For Returns: Notify me if and when you wish to return your trial items and we will send a UPS return label that can either be printed and attached to the box or you can present the UPC code to the UPS or mailing store and they will print it for you. PLEASE GET A DROP OFF RECEIPT WHEN IT IS TURNED OVER TO THE UPS OR MAILING STORE.

All shipments are sent UPS and will require a signature.

Complete the Form below.

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Local or Ship - Local Instrument trials exclude the $35 fee. Shipped instruments require $35 fee.
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I authorize theflutefinder to charge my credit card for the agreed upon purchases. I understand that my credit card info will be saved to file until the item(s) are either purchased or returned.
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