Hi there flutists and flute teachers! If you need a great used flute, go to Dana. She specializes in pristine used flutes that come with a money back guarantee that is a deal hard to beat. I have been teaching flute for 40 years and found her just time to supply some of my students with wonderful step-up flutes to get them through high school. Her prices are incredibly reasonable and the biggest plus for me is the fact that each instrument is carefully inspected, repaired if needed and brought up to a high playing level by Austin’s premier flute repair specialist. All of us with professional grade flutes take our instruments to him (lucky us). Do not hesitate to take advantage of this unique service

Manager, Austin Flute Choir

Penny Griffy, BME

Flute Teacher

Dana has been an excellent and trustworthy resource in helping many of my students find a new flute. I always know the flutes she sells will be in top quality condition at a good price. She makes every effort to ensure her customers are very happy people!

Austin, TX

Seetha Shivaswamy

Flute Teacher & Performer

Dana offers an excellent service with a great price for quality flutes you just can’t find in your local music store. I love that she has several different choices and options. This way, we can find the very best match for the student’s upgrade! Thank you Dana!

Austin, TX

Sarah Jane Hargis

Flute Teacher & Performer

Dana was very honest and informative.  Dana allowed me to take different flutes home for testing and was patient during this entire process. She never hurried me and was willing to exchange the first flute I purchased. Eventually, I purchased a flute from her which is a perfect fit for me and it has increased my playing enjoyment immensely. Also, Dana always has her flutes checked and repaired by a very trustworthy technician so there won’t be problems or unexpected expenses later. Buying a flute or piccolo from Dana will be a rewarding experience from a beginner student to someone who has played for years”

Austin, TX

Loy Kephart

Marble Falls, Texas

After many years of non-playing, I dusted off my old student flute and joined a newly-formed community band. Shortly thereafter I was enjoying playing so much that I decided to upgrade to an intermediate flute. I was overwhelmed by the number of brands available as well as options and pricing. Dana could not have been more helpful. She was very patient with me, answering my many questions and working with me to select a very nice used flute that was right for me. She had several available and was happy to help me weigh the pros and cons of each. She was respectful of my budget as well. I was very happy with our transaction and Dana’s honesty and professionalism.

Vicki Lane

Easton, Maryland

I recently purchased a Hammig piccolo from Dana and it is the most forgiving piccolo I have ever played. It has an incredibly sweet and easy to control softness, yet it can blastissimo when necessary without being shrill or obnoxious.
Because Dana is a talented flautist, she is able to identify and isolate the nuances that every instrument has, and together with her marvelous repairman, they fine tune each instrument so my students don’t have to do “lip gymnastics” in order to play every note in tune nor do they have to “tame” the instrument in order to play well.
Thank you very much, Dana, for your insight and for sharing your expertise for our benefit.

Linda Cofsky

Flute teacher from Las Vegas

I had been looking for a new flute and had been watching flute finder & FMG for a while when there was a flute listed at Flute Finder. I called and talked with Dana, I told her what I was looking for in a flute and the price range. Dana narrowed down the brands, she was very knowledgeable on her brands, gracious in answering all questions and an all around joy to deal with.

I ended up purchasing a beautiful Muramatsu with wonderful reaction and beautiful tone which was exactly what I was looking for. Dana uses a top technician to go over all her flutes, so you know you are getting a flute in top condition.

I would use her again for my flute needs. I do highly recommend Flute Finder for people wanting quality flutes with great prices.


Ramblin Rabbi


The Flute Finder is AMAZING!!! She was Santa Flute to us for our daughter’s Christmas gift. The Flute Finder is very personable and her customer service is off the charts! Endless thanks and stars to the Flute Finder!!!



David PUGH


I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself in the market for an upgraded flute when my student model died yet again. Flute-finder was suggested by a fellow player. Dana was fantastic. She helped me find a suitable flute for my needs and budget. The flute she chose was actually new-it plays beautifully and was in excellent condition as advertised and she followed up to be sure I was satisfied. A great buying experience and I have made a friend.

I had emailed her blind and not sure i would get a response but she got back to me immediately. The billing process was seamless and involved friendly banter back and forth. She had even sent the flute for me to try before I bought, without requiring a card number or other information. During the process I had occasion to call her with a question – I left a message, and she got back to me within the hour. If you are in the market for a used quality flute that will be in the best condition possible call Dana. She will take good care of you. She made me feel as if I was the most important customer she had at that moment.




Steve S

Easton, MD

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