Sales Ambassador Program

How to Become a Sales Ambassador

For The Flute Finder

Thanks for your interest in a position as an Sales Ambassador for The Flute Finder.

My goal is to partner with Flute Teachers, Professors, Flute Performers, anyone in the music community who has a passion for all things Flute and would like to get quality New and Pre-owned Flutes and Piccolos into the hands of buyers in their area.

Here is how it works:

You market to your area through schools, studios, flute clubs, looking for people who want to audition or purchase flutes or piccolos.

You can set up “Flute Fairs” in your area with other teachers or at schools if you like.

I would send you whatever instruments you think you may need via FedEx before your event or trial.  The Flute Finder pays all shipping costs. 

When you have completed the event or trial, you simply mail back FedEx whatever instrument you no longer need.  I will provide you with my FedEx account number before returning.

All my instruments are insured and don’t require further insuring when shipping. Ground shipping is best.


 When you sell any pre-owned instrument and the sale is final, payout to you would be $100 per instrument sold up to the instrument value of $8,000, $200 for any flute over $8,001.

When you sell a New instrument and the sale is final, payout to you would be $200 for any New Instrument with up to $8,000, $300 for any instrument over $8,001.

On Any New Piccolo Sold, payout is $100 up to $8,000 and $200 over $8,001.

Sales Tools Provided:

  • Customized Business cards
  • The Flute Finder Logo to attach to any emails
  • Customized Name Tag
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Table Cloths and Logo Runners if having a Flute Fair
  • Flute Stands to be used and returned if having a Flute Fair
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Form Letters for Flute Trials

All I ask is that the instruments are kept securely at all times, and that you represent The Flute Finder with a great attitude.  Customer Service is my top priority!

If an instrument were to receive any damage just notify me and I will have it taken care of.  Do not have an instrument repaired without discussing with me first.

Try to let me know a few weeks in advance of any larger Flute Fairs you may be setting up so I can make sure and have all the instruments needed sent out to you.  Advise me as to the cost of the hall and I will reimburse that cost.

I hope we can help each other spread the joy of flute playing together and make it an exciting venture for us both!

Dana Shaw
The Flute Finder

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