Altus 1807-AL .946 Silver Seamed Tube Flute, In-line G, with both C and B Footjoints, Includes 2 Different Altus Headjoints, Refurbished with Warranty


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View Video of this flute being performed with each Headjoint: (Below)

This is an extremely rare find from Altus, with both foot joints in the case. Inspired by the classic Louis Lot flutes, it’s an Altus 1807 .946 Silver Altus Limited Flute.

The silver is an alloy of silver and 18 precious metals, including Platinum and Gold. This offers a gorgeous, multi-faceted tonal quality with good projection available.

The Seamed tubing is made by wrapping the Altus Silver around a form and then seamed together. No seam is showing once completed.

It offers a little stronger tubing than drawn and allows vibe characteristics to be a little different as well.

It comes with an extra C footjoint, which would add $2,980 to the price when ordered and comes with an extra .946 Z cut headjoint which adds an extra $2,300 when ordered.

The headjoint with the flute is a Classic cut. Also .946 Silver.

No need to choose. Have the flexibility of both!

Z-Cut Headjoint:

With a more rectangular embouchure hole with minimal over and undercutting, the Z-Cut headjoint produces a quick response without sacrificing flexibility or control. The sound is open and free with a darker tonal color.

Classic Cut Headjoint:

Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, the Classic Cut headjoint provides vibrant warmth with excellent projection. Its pure tonal center allows the artist great flexibility with an infinite color palette.

Soldered toneholes, pointed key arms, all Silver mechanism, open hole, in-line g, made in 2009.

It has been professionally serviced including new headcork.

Comes with a 1-year Warranty!

New this flute is $23,280 with the extra footjoint and headjoint. A savings of $7392!

NO SALESTAX charged outside Texas.

Finance available.

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