New Trevor James Silver Plated Alto Flute, Curved and Straight Headjoints, Sterling Lip/Riser, Factory Warranty!


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Trevor James alto flutes are extremely popular with flute players or doubling musicians around the world.  They have very free blowing headjoints which offer wonderfully rich tonal colours and flexibility.


– 925 silver lip and riser headjoint

– Free blowing and very responsive headjoint design

– Curved and straight headjoint

– Double headjoint package option

– Hand overcutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole

– Traditional Y-arm key design

– Secure mechanism construction with ergonomically designed left and right hand key mechanism

– Triple-plated finish Double skin yellow pads

– Hidden adjusting screws

– Without E mechanism

– Closed hole key mechanism

– C footjoint with ergonomically design touch-pieces

– Wooden case with fleecy lined case cover

– Cleaning rod

– White internal cleaning cloth

– Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops 

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