Candelarius Sterling Silver Seamed Flute Headjoint, Rose Gold Engraved Plated Lipplate and Crown, Warranty!


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This is a rare opportunity to own a completely handmade Candelarius Flute Headjoint made by Francisco Candelaria, Principal Flutist of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. It is all handmade, seamed tubing (not extruded), with a beautiful hand engraved lipplate on rose gold plating. .016” wall.

This is a great way to upgrade or change the way your current flute plays. It is a fairly free blowing and colorful sound quality.

It is in mint condition and has not be sized yet.

It comes in a wood case.

Just professionally serviced included.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

No sales tax charged if outside Texas.

Easy trial which will include copper fitting tape.

Return label sent if needed.

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