SOLD – DiZhao Handmade 14k Gold/Silver Flute, 6k Gold Lipplate/14k Riser, Engraved, Overhauled, C# Trill, Offset G, High E Facilitator, Warranty!


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This is a very special customized DiZhao Handmade Flute. It had been performer owned and upgraded post purchase.

The headjoint was upgraded from a 6k riser to a 14k Riser. The lipplate was hand engraved by Brian Powell.

The headjoint was revoiced and modified by Francisco Candelaria(Manila) to speak more concisely and cleanly.

The tone holes were reworked to make for a perfect seal with the lightest touch while playing.

It was completely overhauled by Eric Nugent at Fluteworld with Straubinger pads, adjusted, tone hole corrections, corks and felts replaced.


  • 14k gold on silver handmade Di Zhao headjoint with 6K lip plate and 14K riser
  • 14K gold on silver body with sterling silver mechanism
  • French (open hole)
  • Pointed key arms
  • Drawn tone holes
  • 10K White gold springs
  • (.016″) tubing
  • Straubinger pads
  • Offset G
  • High E Facilitator
  • C# trill Key
  • B footjoint
  • Gizmo Key
  • Engraved Lipplate
  • Pinless Mechanism
  • Wood Case
  • Leather Case Cover
  • Wood Cleaning Rod
  • Handmade in USA

What you can expect with this flute is an amazing, well rounded, robust, projecting sound. Very beefy. Quick and quiet mechanism, lots of admiration as it is a looker!

New this flute without the upgrades of engraved lipplate and Riser upgrade is $12,900. A savings of $3,100!

This flute has a been adjusted and cleaned and comes with a 1 year warranty!

No Sales Tax charged outside Texas.

Financing Available.

Easy Trial with return label sent if needed.

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