New DiZhao DZ-801 BEF, #C#D, Solid Silver Headjoint and body with 14k Gold Riser, Offset G, C# Trill, D# Roller, Split E Mechanism, Factory Warranty!


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Brand New DiZhao DZ801 Flute-comes with Factory Warranty!


  • Solid sterling silver headjoint
  • 14k Riser
  • Solid silver body
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • French (open hole)
  • Pointed key arms
  • Offset (or order in-line)
  • Split E mechanism
  • C# Trill
  • D# Roller
  • B footjoint
  • Open Hole
  • Gizmo key

Comes in nice wood case with outer leather padded zipper case and cleaning materials.

These advanced student flutes are manufactured with the quality and care of a professional handmade flute and are customizable to fit all kinds of use. Whether it be for the advanced high school student trying to maximize their potential or a serious college student looking at making music their career, these flutes have something for everyone. Featuring an all silver body and headjoint, these flutes are built to last throughout a student’s music career.

No Sales Tax Charged outside Texas.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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