New! Samperi Spectrum Flute Sterling Silver Handcut Headjoint Offset g D# Roller Split E Mechanism Warranty!


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What is a Samperi Flute?

Eastman Strings owns Haynes Flutes and they’re the ones that make, among others, the Haynes Amadeus and Samperi flutes.


Back in the day, owner of Weissman Music and flutemaker, Jeff Weissman, wanted to honor his friend by creating this responsive and colorful flute. So, he contacted his pals at Haynes and voila — the Samperi flute was born.


Compare this flute to the Haynes Amadeus to see which sound you like better. While made by the same company, each model is unique and has its own special qualities. We love BOTH flutes for different reasons!


Solid Silver Hand-cut Headjoint, silver plated body and mechanism, offset g, b foot, open hole, split e mechanism, D# Roller, pointed key arms and gizmo key. 


Comes with 1-year warranty!

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