Prima Sankyo Artist Sterling Silver Flute, High Wave Headjoint, In-line G, TFF Warranty!


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This Prima Sankyo Artist Flute is a great way to Step-up to a handmade Sterling Silver Flute and Not break the bank. Now known as the Sankyo 401 model.


  • Sterling Silver Handcut High Wave HJ
  • Sterling Silver Body
  • In-line G
  • Drawn Tone Holes
  • Gizmo Key
  • Overhauled with new Pads, headcork, and key corks
  • Tunes to A=442
  • Made in Japan
  • Crafted circa 2000

This flute is in excellent Pre-owned condition. It has been professionally  disassembled, cleaned, polished; Overhauled with all corks replaced, new pads and headcork installed; and fully re-assembled and adjusted.

Comes with a 1 year The Flute Finder Warranty.

No Sales tax charged outside Texas.

The wave lipplate is good at focusing more airflow into the flute and the sound quality is shimmery and projecting.

New this flute would sell for over $10k.

Easy Trial/Easy Return with return label sent if needed.

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