Roy Seaman Classic Grenadilla Wood Piccolo


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Are you looking for a responsive, affordable, quality piccolo to up your performance game?

Consider this Roy Seaman Classic Grenadilla Piccolo. 

It offers Select Grenadilla wood head and body, silver-plated keys, beryllium copper springs, split E mechanism, Seaman professional scale and A=442.


It was recently professionally overhauled complete with new pads. Wood and keys are in superb condition. As well it was just adjusted and cleaned so it is on top playing form. 

This piccolo is a breeze to play even up to 3rd octave. It offers a robust, focused sound quality.  

This one is a particularly good value as new they are $2,569. 


As with all my instruments, it comes with a 6 month warranty!

No-Risk purchase. 

Sanitized prior to shipping. 

Easy Trial/Easy Return.

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