Brannen Handmade Custom Engraved Flute,14k Riser, All Silver, In-line G, Fully Custom Engraved, C# Trill, D# Roller, Soldered TH, Freshly Overhauled, MINT, TFF Warranty!


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If there was ever a show stopper flute in mint condition and one that is a complete joy to play, it is this incredible Brannen Handmade Custom Flute! This flute might be the one you have been hoping for. It has it all and doesn’t have one single mark or flaw. It has been professionally overhauled with Straubinger pads and is in as new a condition as they come. Specs:

  • Silver hand-cut Brannen-Cooper
  • 14k Gold Riser
  • Custom engraved lip plate
  • Custom Engraved Keys
  • Sterling silver body and mechanism
  • Brögger Acoustic
  • Soldered silver tone holes
  • Silver rings, ribs, and posts
  • French (open hole) model
  • Pointed key arms
  • A-442
  • 0.16 tubing
  • Inline G
  • C# trill key
  • D# Roller
  • B footjoint
  • Open Hole
  • Handmade in USA
  • Made in December 1999
  • Overhauled 2023

The mechanism is buttery smooth with only a light touch needed to fly through the notes. This flute has been meticulously cared for and had only one adult owner. The sound quality is exquisite with the 14k Gold riser adding both a brilliance and warmth to the tone.

The added locking BAM flute case is a $500 upgrade. Keys included. This flute new is $17,325 plus $4,250 for upgraded engraving is a total of $21,575 and $22,075 with the addition of the BAM case. A savings of $3,087!

Comes with a 1-year The Flute Finder Warranty.

No sales tax is charged outside Texas.

No interest financing is available.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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