Haynes Q4 All Silver Flute, Offset G, Freshly Overhauled with Straubinger Pads, Warranty!


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This is an amazing flute. All Silver tubing and mechanism, and it has just been overhauled with all new Straubinger pads. What you will find when you play it is it has a ton of color and projection available to it. The mechanism is super smooth and fluid responding to even the softest touch. It will take your playing to a whole new level.

It has been adult owned and very well maintained.


  • Sterling silver hand-cut Haynes Custom headjoint
  • Sterling silver body and mechanism
  • Haynes pinless left-hand mechanism
  • Soldered tone holes
  • French (open hole) model
  • Pointed key arms
  • Gold springs
  • Offset G
  • Modern Haynes scale
  • Straubinger pads
  • (.016″) tubing
  • B footjoint
  • Handmade at the Haynes Beijing Workshop
  • Handfinished in USA
  • Made in 2012

Comes with leather Haynes case cover and Haynes Slimline case, wood cleaning rod.

It has been professionally overhauled with new pads, headcork and trill corks.

Comes with a 1-year warranty!

New this flute is $10,900. A savings of $3,212!

When purchased you will receive a paid invoice with replacement value shown for insurance purposes.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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