Pearl PF-8800 Cantabile Handmade All Silver Flute, Overhauled, C# Trill, Warranty!


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This is an amazing all Handmade Pearl 8800. It was made in Japan and has the smoothest mechanism and a huge bold sound available to it. The 8800 is all silver including the Hand-cut PH-7 Headjoint which has a larger embouchure hole and substantial riser.


  • Sterling Silver PH-7 Headjoint
  • Sterling Silver Tube and mechanism
  • In-line G
  • B foot
  • Pinless mechanism
  • C# Trill key
  • Open hole
  • C# and D# Roller
  • Gizmo key
  • Drawn tone holes

The mechanism is smooth and has no key noise at all and the pinless mechanism cuts down on snagging and corrosion issues.

It has just been professionally overhauled with new pads, disassembled, adjusted and cleaned and has had a new headcork installed.

It comes with a 1-year warranty!

This flute is now in pristine condition.

The new Cantabile model is almost the same flute but cost over $7,000!

Easy trial with return label sent If needed.

No sales tax charged outside Texas.

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