David Williams Sterling Headjoint, 14k Lipplate and Adler Wings, Platinum Riser, Like New! Warranty!


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What an amazing Headjoint to upgrade your current flute. The thrust of the Williams headjoint design is to create a style which allows the player the ease of articulation and projection exemplified by the best of the Cooper-related designs, while eliminating the “buzz” which has become closely associated with that design.

Mr. Williams considers the tone production to be rather too directed on many modern headjoints, and so has designed his headjoint specifically to allow the broadest possible palette of tonal color throughout the entire dynamic range. The key element of this design is the utilization of reinforced resonance as the core ingredient of projection and increased dynamic capability.


  • Sterling Silver Tube
  • 14k Gold Lipplate
  • 14k Gold Adler Wings
  • Platinum Riser
  • 14k Gold Crown Ring

The Gold lipplate offers a lovely warm tone while the platinum riser offers some resistance and creates a laser focused clear tone and lots of projection available to it. The Adler wings help with focusing the airflow and makes for an enjoyable playing experience.

It is in like new condition and has been cleaned and polished with a new headcork installed.

Comes with a 1-year warranty and excellent customer service.

New this headjoint with its upgrades is $5,500 and very hard to find. A savings of $1,012!

Comes with Copper tape for trialing and I offer free sizing if purchased.

Easy trial with return label sent if needed.

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