DiMedici 1011 Alto Flute, Curved and Straight Headjoints, Overhauled with New Slimline Case, Warranty!


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This is a fantastic alto flute that is a pleasure to play.

This is a coveted alto flute-DiMedici Alto Flute with both curved and straight headjoints.

What you get with this is a resonant lower octave and a bold projecting upper octave. The ergonomic hand position is comfortable to play. Being silver plated it is lighter and less taxing to perform on for prolonged periods.

This one was made in Japan and hand finished, has both curved and straight headjoints, silver plated, split e mechanism, pointed key arms, ergonomics key placement for a more comfortable playing experience.

Made circa 2015.

All in excellent almost new condition with no dents or dings.

This alto was $2,860 new.

It has just been professional disassembled, cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Easy trial with return label sent If needed

No Sales Tax charged outside Texas

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